• Must be appropriately packed for carriage.

• Customer is responsible for proper packaging.

• Must be checked as a separate piece of baggage.

In case of baggage delays, for Canada Is not responsible for expired perishables.

Perishable items include

1. Seafood and Fish (lobster, mussels, oysters):

• Must be packaged In leak-proof containers to prevent spillage of liquids (corrosive brine) Inside       aircraft.

• Goods should be further packed in plastic bags inside waxed cartons.

 • If in doubt regarding packaging, do not accept for carriage.

2. Fresh and Frozen Foodstuffs (fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, bakery products, dairy products, animal hides)

3. Regular Ice used for packing.

4. Floral/Nursery Stock (flowers, plants, foliage)