Our projects

The Northern New Brunswick Airport Authority Inc. is committed to providing safe, reliable and accessible airport services to this region’s travelling public.  With over 50,000 passengers a year, the need to invest in the Airport’s current infrastructure is more important than ever.  Future developments for the Airport include an expansion of our existing terminal building and an extension to our runway.

The terminal building expansion will double the size of the existing building.  This expansion will allow us to safely and comfortably process passengers and baggage in conformity with today’s standards.  It will allow the Airport to modernize as well as adapt to future changes in the aviation industry.  It will provide our passengers with a more efficient and comfortable experience with the amenities and services the travelling public has come to expect.

The runway extension project will see the runway lengthened by 900ft, bringing its total length to 5900ft.  This will allow for unrestricted use of the current Dash-8 aircraft; additionally, it will be able to accommodate larger aircraft such as the Q-400.