A vital link for our tourism industry

Northern New Brunswick boasts tourism gems that are accessible through our air services. For many travellers, an air link is vital.

A vital link for our health-care services

Health-care professionals use our services for their patients and for themselves. An air link is vital for them.

A vital link for professionals

Our professionals have to take refresher training regularly in order to keep their skills current. Air service close to work is a vital link for them.

A vital link for our workers

The labour market is expanding more and more for our workers, who are in demand in western and northern Canada. Air service close to home is a vital link for them.

  • Serving more than 150,000 people within one hour’s driving distance
  • A hub and gateway to major centres in Canada and around the world
  • Passenger numbers continuing to grow

Bathurst Airport


Independent and responsible management


The Bathurst Regional Airport is managed by the Northern New Brunswick Airport Authority (NNBAA).

Fully aware that sustainable socioeconomic development in northern New Brunswick hinges on modern infrastructure that can provide quick access to major centres across Canada and the world, the NNBAA is working tirelessly to consolidate this vital link for the region by expanding air service and improving infrastructure.

The NNBAA Board of Directors consists of representatives of the Chaleur and Acadian Peninsula Regions.